So I Am Light, An Electric Slide

so I am light, original


Snail 2


The drawing at the top, without all of the color, is a drawing I made several years ago and never finished. I suspect this may have been something I drew while sitting at a table with my children. We drew together nearly every day, just whatever came to our minds. I told them that when they held a pencil or a pen all of the lines for their drawings were in there, waiting to come out. When I found the unfinished drawing recently I decided this would be fun to finish. The final drawing is only one of the possible outcomes. In some other universe, in some other dimension, perhaps an alternate me would have made an entirely different drawing. It’s possible there are hundreds of me in alternate and parallel universes who made hundreds of different drawings but that is all very theoretical. This drawing, posted here, is the only one that arose from the first drawing by this me in this world.

Sometimes when I draw, I start making a line on the paper and see where it goes. I’ve always liked making spirals and this spiraling line apparently needed to be a snail, sliding itself along an electric ground, illuminating small plants and blades of grass.

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