When the Trees Began to Speak – A special exhibition










When was it that the trees began to speak? Seems as if all of my life I’ve been listening to them, trying to understand their language, am only beginning to discern. Speaking slowly drawing out syllables¬†over days and days, years and years, who would guess that their susurrations contain stories.

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  1. Thats where the missippians or is it woodland peeps got their imagery. It looks like the leaves have always been this way and you just discovered their secrecy.


  2. Boy did that auto correct not go well.

    Should have read Mississippians and secrets not missippians and secrecy.

  3. Thank you, Ana, much appreciated. Mississippians and Woodland peoples, both. I’m trying to do some deep listening these days, trying to hear/see what those ancient peoples and their environment were and are saying.

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