Thou Art

So, a few thoughts I’ve been meaning to put into words. As a person who studied art in college, as a person who learned printmaking processes–intaglio and lithography among other things–I also learned that fine art prints are printed in editions. That means that an artist conceives of an image, creates an etching or engraving or lithograph of it, for instance. And then decides how many prints to pull from the plate or stone that has the image on it. Typically, you can tell how big an edition is because along with the artist’s signature there will be a number that looks like a fraction. For instance, you may see something like this: 10/120. What that means is that you are looking at the 10th print out of an edition of 120 that were printed. This had me thinking about paper money that we all carry around with us, which bears a serial number, a series of numbers and letters that is unique for each bill. What this means, to me, is that all of us carry around limited edition prints with us all the time. And that a form of art is the medium by which we understand the value of goods and services, exchanging our limited edition prints, which we earn by working, for services and goods we want and/or need. 

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