I finished this drawing today, December 12, have been working on it as time has allowed for 2-3 weeks. I’ve titled this Alcathoe.

The name Alcathoe comes from a Greek myth about three sisters, Alcathoe, Leucippe, and Arsippe. 

According to one version of the story, when the cult of the god Dionysus was spreading in Greece, the followers would get drunk, going wild in mountains and woods. But these three sisters, they chose to live their quiet lives at home and Dionysus changed them into bats as punishment for refusing to follow him.

In another version the god Dionysus becomes furious with the sisters for disregarding what he requires of them and then transforms himself into a bull, a lion, and a panther, driving the sisters insane. Then they are willing to honor the god. Leucippe is told to make a sacrifice and she gives her son. Then the three sisters tear him to pieces and run into the mountains in a state of madness. In the end, the god Hermes feels pity for them and changes them into bats.

And yes, I intentionally composed this drawing so that it is not centered in the page.

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