“I See.”

I See-a
I See-b

The incomplete drawing you see above was begun several years ago and then abandoned. I abandoned the drawing because I had originally intended to make this a standing figure but got to this point and realized that I was going to run out of room on the page if I made the figure the size he would need to be in order to fit the size of his head. Since one of the challenges I like to create for myself is to draw entirely freehand, meaning that as soon as I have made an ink line I’ve committed it to the page and can’t altar it much, I sometimes misjudge the placement of the intended composition. I couldn’t erase the lines I had created and I couldn’t finish it the way I had intended at the time. This incomplete drawing got shuffled into a stack of paper. I recently rediscovered it and decided it would be a fun challenge to try and salvage the beginning and make a complete drawing out of it. Above the unfinished beginning is the drawing I made from what started as an abandoned mistake.

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